2013 Annual General Meeting & Reunion Luncheon

Added on by 2/29 Battalion.

The 68th AGM and Reunion Luncheon were held at The Rendezvous Grand Hotel on 24th April 2013.

With the retirement of the President and Vice President and the early resignation of the Treasurer, the newly elected executive is as follows:

President - Mr Lindsay Garner

Vice-President - Mrs Marg. Hogan

Hon. Secretary - Dr John Lack

Hon. Treasurer - Mrs Joy Derham

Elected to the Committee were daughters, Janella Christie and Gail McHardy, son, Grant McKay, grandchildren, Ryan Vague, Simon Lovett and Katie Parnell.

The AGM approved a new constitution and resolved that the Association become a Life Member of The Shrine of Remembrance.

More than 100 attended the Luncheon. Amongst these were veterans Bob Christie and George Garner, wives and widows. Guests of honour were Dr. David and Mrs Marg. Mills.

The Toast to The Battalion was given by Grant McKay.

The Guest Speaker, Dr. Rosalind Hearder, author of "Keep the Men Alive", spoke on POW medicos, in particular Dr Roy Mills and Dr Victor Brand.

John Lack (Hon. Sec.)