Darley Camp Bacchus Marsh

Added on by 2/29 Battalion.

On Monday 10th June my wife Sharon and I visited Bacchus Marsh to investigate the site of the Darley Camp where the 2/29th trained before heading off overseas.

We first went to the old site of the camp, located on the right hand side of Cameron’s Road approximately 5.2 km from the freeway, which is marked by a commemorative plaque affixed to a large rock situated in a garden bed surrounded by a low chain fence.

The site now is all paddocks and private property, a much different look to what it would have been in 1940.

About 1.2 km off the freeway on the way to the plaque on your right hand side is a park called Federation Avenue which has a Rotunda located within, this Rotunda has a four sided information board which has great pictures and written information about the Darley Camp and how and why it was built along with who was stationed there and many references to the 2/29th Battalion.

The park has picnic tables, children’s playground and toilet facilities along with areas to park cars.

It is my belief that this would make a great spot to initiate an annual picnic/bbq for the Association as it holds a local part of our Battalion Associations history. I would like to thank Geoff Hearne for the letter and photos he sent to Joy Derham as well as Jim and Lynette Sellens for their discovery of the Darley Camp and bringing it to Geoff Hearne’s attention.


Simon Lovett
Assistant Secretary
2/29th Battalion AIF Association Inc