2010 - 2/29th Battalion A.I.F. Reunion Luncheon & Anzac Day March

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by Bob Christie

Our annual 2/29th Battalion Association reunion was again held at Rendezvous Hotel on 24 April 2010. We had an attendance of 128 at this wonderful luncheon consisting of 8 returned men, with the remainder being wives, widows, sons, daughters and other relatives. This year's toast to the Battalion was proposed by Bill Young (C Coy) who had travelled from NSW. Bill had been sent to Borneo with B Force, escaped but recaptured and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment at Outram Road Jail. The photograph below shows the unit members that attended the reunion.

Left to right: Ben West, John Roxburgh, George Tite, George Garner, Bob Christie, Bill Young, Wal Snowden and Hal Thirlwell.

Since our annual service at the Shrine on 17 January 2010, it is with regret that the following Battalion members have passed on:

NX68547 Pte Richard Armstrong A Coy

VX60173 Pte Stanley Rossiter C Coy