Explanatory notes*

The rolls are based on the hand-written roll maintained by 2/29th Battalion HQ in Changi POW camp during the years of incarceration, a later corrected copy thereof, the Australian War Memorial list of the 2/29th fallen, lists of war graves from Labuan and Thanbyuzayat and official lists of servicemen lost at sea (presumed drowned).

All efforts have been made to resolve inconsistencies and to be as inclusive as possible. Many soldiers transferred in and out of the 2/29th during the course of the war and are officially recorded as having served either with their original unit or with their unit of final destination.

Servicemen are included in here, as many of them saw action with the Battalion at Muar Road or Singapore Island or served as 2/29th men on work-parties.

During the last days of the battle for Singapore, many reinforcements were assigned to the battalion but, due to the chaotic nature of the fighting, could not be formally attached to specific companies.

These soldiers have been designated as belonging to 'R' Company (Reinforcements), although it is more likely that they were assigned to battle positions on an ad hoc basis rather than as a unit.

Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour above includes a separate roll of those who lost their lives while serving with the 2/29th on overseas service or as a result of this. It is in chronological order of their date of death.

In itself this list provides an illuminating narrative of the trials of the battalion. Where available, the specific locality of death is provided so this narrative is also placed in a geographical context. Names of the fallen can be located in the full alphabetical roll that follows and then found by Date of Death in the Roll of Honour

*Note that the text contained on this page and it's attachments have been taken from the book 'No Lost Battalion' - 'An Oral History of the 2/29th Battalion' by John Lack (2005).

The 2/29th Battalion A.I.F Association wishes to acknowledge the work of Peter Hosford in compiling this information for the book 'No Lost Battalion'. Copyright for this is held by Associate Professor John Lack and the 2/29th Battalion A.I.F. Association. The book or any part is not to be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holders.

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